What some of my clients say about their journey with Emma.

Richard P – in his 60’s wanted to complete the Etap du Tour after 2 previous

Richard came to me to get some guidance.  I did not do anything like as much as I wanted to do with him.  But we looked at his riding position and corrected the posture and worked out a sustainable training regime that would fit in with his life in order to get him to his goal.Richard P

“Emma  – Many thanks – made it ! Thanks in no small part to your excellent programme and cajoling. Hugely appreciated.  Col de Joux Plane 11.9km at 9% was a struggle at the end of the day. The 3 of us 60yr olds were all between 7.5 and 8hrs and everyone got round safely on a hot day.  Now to think of the next challenge !

Hope you enjoy the attached You tube and pic !    Very best wishes  – Richard”

Emily – An avid sailor who was being hindered by her back – a previous injury resulting in a herniated disc, an issue that she had carried from her late teens. After a year of hard work, firstly looking at her posture and then working on corrective exercises for this before stabilising and working on strengthening.  She has now spent the last few months doing higher intensity interval and cardio work, but never loosing sight of where she has been and the discomfort she has been through keeps her on track to stay with her postural work.Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 10.58.51

“I want to thank you for the significant contribution you have made to my and my family’s life over the last year. I am looking forward to keeping up this level of flexibility, strength and physical confidence. I am absolutely sure that if it had not been for your input, I would not be in the significantly improved physical state I am in now.  In case you need reminding, you are incredibly good at your job and I am so grateful and happy that our paths crossed, albeit for a second time! “


Donna – Is a real girl who was letting “life” take over and had forgotten where she was going ….

Donna came to New Energy Fitness 2 years ago and started to work with Emma.  She had a lot on her plate and had some how lost her way … Hear her remarkable story from her own mouth, and see the achievements in just 10 months …

Andy Mieklejohn – Professional Sailor

Andy is a professional sailor and had suffered a knee injury a few years back,and a shoulder injury more recently.  He explains his journey to recovery, having had various frustrations along the way – he came and took a more holistic approach to understand how everything effects everything else!

Jessica Habel – Lawyer and Mum of 3.

“However, thanks to all my work with you my head had now got into the right place, I knew another loop would be a challenge but I knew I could do it:

I have trained Jessica for about 5 years now.  Over the last few years we have worked hard on some goals.  Jess loves the outdoors, she lives in Winchester and has a job that keeps her nose in pages and pages of files and reading.  We have worked hard in training her up to enjoy open water swimming – low stress on the body, gets to go of fab places and stays fit as well.

Jane Kempton – Improvements for yoga and her passion of racing her horses

Jane Kempton pic

Jane has trained with me for a year.  She originally came to learn to use the gym, and do yoga classes.   She deals with posture in horses through their hoofs and so could relate to the Biomechanics and learning to use her body and the equipment properly.  She has seen improvements in her sport through strength and stability.

Emma Stokes – Suffered serious back pain – now out  running/riding and skiing.

In 2013, I had a lower back (L4/5 disc) issue that escalated where I struggled to get around due to excruciating pain. I was put on all kinds of drugs for pain relief and I had a surgeon who expected to operate on me.  The drugs helped the pain but I couldn’t do anything! I have three young childScreen Shot 2015-05-21 at 17.42.20ren, a full time job, and used to be really active, and the impact on all the family life was horrible.

I started training with Emma in Spring 2014, and looking back I am amazed at our progress.  We started little by little chipping away at my posture, alignment and gradually building up my strength. Emma has worked hard to build my confidence, encouraging me to live again. I went skiing with the family at Christmas, I have scared myself mountain biking anScreen Shot 2015-05-21 at 17.40.51d I been out skiing with some girlfriends in January.  At Easter I was body surfing in Cornwall and last weekend I got back out on my road bike. I am looking forward to lots of sailing this year; Finally I am not scared it’s going to hurt!  I love being part of the family again … it’s a wonderful feeling to be alive!!

 Harriet Ramsay – Importance of Posture in Horse Riding 

Paul Vernon’s Journey – Works on event management, Skies, Cycles

Tim Knapman – Dairy Farmercows

30 years of poor diet, minimal vigorous exercise anherdd no stretching had left me overweight, stiff and lethargic. Emma has introduced an exercise regime, diet suggestions and especially mobilization of the spine, resulting in much improved flexibility, stamina and improved energy levels.

Kathi Knpman – Accountant and Dairy Farmer

calfAn active dcows-milking-medairy farmer I have sustained a number of injuries, which has left my body stiff and unbalanced. Emma has helped me to address these issues through core stability exercise, mobilization and interval training.

Jeni Mundy – Top Executive, mum of 2, loves to be active has had a history of lower back issues

Linda Stokes – Mum of 3, sails dinghies, skies offpiste, runs, regular gym goer

I visited Emma after a knee injury whilst skiing and repetitive lower back problems.  After Emma’s initial study of me it became apparent that my lower back problems were due to the fact I hardly used my gluteal muscle and my knee had to be built back up to support me whilst dingy sailing and skiing for the upcoming season.  I have become stronger, motivated and toned over the last year and am really please to say that I have not had any further back problems and skied better and stronger than ever this season.

Mark Stokes – Vouches for his wife