Motivation comes from setting an example.  Using tales from life’s achievements and experiences, points can be illustrated for business, employee engagement, team building in sports, the art of communicating, relationships with people, getting the best out of those around us etc.

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Emma Westmacott, the founder of Biospheric Performance, is a professional athlete having competed in multiple sports to a high level. She is an accomplished racing yachtswoman, with four around the world racing campaigns under her belt.  She has competed at National level in lacrosse. She has also raced bicycles competing in the Etap du Tour in France plus many other sportifs. She has many tales to illustrate team work, leadership, communication and employee engagement.

  • Around the World yacht racing sailor, tackling broken masts, retrieving sails washed over board from big seas, surfing down 100 plus foot wave faces on a 60 foot platform, setting records and competing against men on an equal platform determined to make a mark in time.
  • Played lacrosse for Territorial England and for Western Australia over a 15 year period. She immigrated to Australia and played Lacrosse for Western Australia having played for East England through school/college and West England as an adult.
  • Competed in triathlons and on the bicycle – climax being 2007 Etap du Tour 200km with 5 mountains of climbing in the Pyrennes.

For more detail see ACHIEVEMENTS.  This shows the possible content and definite credibility.

The delivery can be done in various ways –

  • With sports men and women on the “pitch” in different situations for motivation
  • After dinner speaking and stories used to illustrate points in management, communication, leadership situations
  • Alongside the other coaching practices that we provide, or embedded in managerial type courses.


Emma has partnered with Mission Performance and Tranformational, specializing in Team building and Leadership courses.   She is also an NLP Master practitioner and has worked with Quantum Performance as a facilitator.   All along keeping current as a professional sailor and working as a Personal Trainer, training both extremes – those for everyday life as well as some top level teams, which brings all of these other experiences together.

For enquiries about Speaking engagements or how to use a coach please contact Emma on 07748560077 or email on