What incredible behaviour from someone in his position …

How is this acceptable behaviour in this day and age?

Is it a surprise that we struggle to have a choice of women at top level sport/business??  It hardly makes for a good look or aScreen Shot 2015-11-06 at 21.29.40n attractive proposition as a future for young aspiring ladies coming to make choices of their careers.

It brings to light again the issues that are still out there – is it sexist?  Maybe she was just rubbish at her job – well she had been in it 5 years – i am pretty sure she would have been ditched before that is she was rubbish.

What amazes me is when top level business men have daughters and finally find out the frustrations.

The Telegraph has some great interviews : click here for more detail

Horse and Hounds Article on Posture and how it can help you and your horse….

“Strengthening from the core … a study has shown that an unmounted rider core fitness program can improve rider symmetry and equine welfare.”Horse and Hound copy

Finally a proper study shows the importance of posture and rider core fitness work on the ground is important to improve riding posture and the posture and wellbeing of the horse.  Something I have bee saying for months.  How sitting up straight is going to help your horses performance and ability to carry himself proper.  Read more in the “Horse and Hounds” magazine, page 8, 29th Oct 2015.

Such a relief to feel the world wake up!!

Watch this space – classes soon to start …

Sunday Times …. endorses Biomechanics Coaching and GOOD POSTURE as a necessity

“In every exercise if you don’t start from a good postural position you won’t achieve optimum strength, you may use the wrong muscles and eventually something in your body will give” … 

The Sunday Times on 1st Nov 2015 endorses the necessity to have correct posture before getting in to an exercise regime and in order to correct injury and rehab in a better more productive way.Sunday TImes mag

It is everywhere – the recent Horse and Hound has an article saying the same thing reinforcing many of my comments on the Biospheric Performance Equestrian page about our posture and how it effects our horses back and posture too. 

In brief if you can’t read this article it says there is little point in training without looking at posture and doing a proper postural assessment because you firstly won’t achieve the results you desire and second eventually you will hurt yourself.

War on Waste & good healthy eating

Do you know how much food is wasted by our supermarkets?
ImperfeScreen Shot 2015-11-02 at 21.59.37ct – or are they – vegetables that are rejected by supermarkets because apparently the public won’t buy them.  Is this true?  Is this sense.  The people who get hurt and put out of business are the growers and the waste is astronomical and just adds to an already massive waste problem.  Great program by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, illustrating who are the important ones here – the sellers or the growers?  And what is the sense in the waste?

A must watch BBC1 9pm Monday 2nd Nov – check it out on BBC Iplayer.  Plus the waste of the consumer – great ideas on using old tired Veg and Fruit.