WThis onee have many locations to use for training: the great outdoors, various facilities around South Hampshire or your own home.winchester-gallery-3097-large

We are involved in setting up home gyms in order to help clients have a “tool box” of options for keeping their exercise going. We have set up facilities in all sorts of places – from private homes and offices to private yachts and motor boats.

We have a combination of interests and much experience of available equipment enabling us to provide a comprehensive consulting service to clients to set up a work out environment specific to their needs.  IMG_5003

More recently with our super yacht connections and knowledge we have been involved in advising various naval architects in appropriate equipment to install on luxury sail and power boats, to help utilise the space to the best effect.    Also coupled with the knowledge of the desire for owners and friends to stay fit, healthy and body beautiful we can help design an ideal gym set up and if needed come and set up programs and training regimes as well.DSC02391

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For more information on where we train and how we can help you to set up an appropriate training facility please call Emma on 07748560077 or email on emma@biosphericperformance.com