In this current climate – Improving posture for performance in sport and pain free life.

ON-LINE TRAINING has been accelerated into what is considered normal with the advent of “Lockdown”.  It has proven to be a great alternative and even substitute to face to face training.  All we have to do is check that we are working on a platform that you are familiar with, or we set up a platform for us to use, which is a 5 min job, and arrange a time to meet.  I have found Zoom to be more reliable and use one code for all meetings to keep things simple.  However, I can also use FaceTime, WhatsApp Video, or Teams if you prefer.


As a Biomechanics Coach this is a wonderful solution.  It is easy to move the computer around to the right angle so I can see you, which is much better than just following a video because I can correct your technique as we go along, with the aid of screen shots and scribbles.   It is perfect because we get to see each other and have a chat as if we were together, and find out how you are doing, what you are finding hard and what you are finding easy.

Plus I have worked out a way of assessing without touching!  So I can do this online as well.

correcting form


The great thing is we don’t need masses of equipment.  We can work on your technique and exercise really well in your own home.  And if we want more challenge I am sure we can find things around the garden.


As a Biomechanics Coach I cross the gap between physio and exercise.  The rehabilitation portion has been working really well, with a massive attention to detail



  • Way more time efficient for you
  • No more frustration from traffic and carparks in order to get oneself to a session on time.
  • Still get the same attention to detail, if not more because I am looking at your technique all the time.