Achievements show credibility.

UntitledEmma has excelling at the cutting edge of sport, as part of many teams primarily pioneering women’s yacht racing, accomplishing record speeds that were commended by fellow male sailors who expressed respect, on a catamaran that already owned the nonstop around the world record, 90’ long – small by today’s standards –  Royal and SunAlliance and Tracy Edwards. (  She was a watchleader on the first all-female non stop around the world record attempt and subsequently has competed in 2 other round the World races braving Southern Ocean storms and facing challenges of steering problems, halyard breaks, electrical break downs, mechanical problems, dodging wildlife obstacles and surviving 70 knot winds around Cape Horn, experienced the loss of a couple of masts and climaxing in some great results.

Untitled7She is a professional sports person, initially playing lacrosse for territorial East and West England x 6yrs (with England U21 trials back in 1988) and then after emigrating to Australia played for Western Australia x 5yrs.

Over the years she has competed in fun triathlons and various cycling events climaxing in 2007 with the Etap du Tour racing 200km with 5 mountains, through the Pyrenees.  Running alongside this she worked as a professional sailor competing in 3  Around the World Sailing campaigns, the Jules Verne (a non stop record attempt on board maxi cat Royal and SunAlliance), the Whitbread Around the World race (EF Education), and the Volvo Ocean Race (Amer Sports).  She still races professionally, competing in various regattas in the Med, 2007 etap finish lineCaribbean, plus winter of 2012 the Tour of Arabia where she was part of a mentoring group of 4 Omani women with Dee Caffarri to inspire and teach the Omani women the liberation of female sports teams.

Having played and taken part in multiple elite sports in the international arena, she understands the challenges facing teams and individuals to pull together in adverse conditions and what it takes to achieve at a high level, determination, drive, passion, planning and efficient training regimes. She is aware of the importance of motivation and how this differs between individuals and has worked to bring out the best in everyone to make a stronger team.
In order to fully help people in this way, she has been qualified and practised as a Personal trainer since 1998 and subsequently to enhance her skills has trained as an NLP master practitioner in 2007, these techniques have developed and are used widely by many working in the sports psychology field.  Recently she has complimented her repetoire by training as a Biomechanics Coach in order to bridge the gap between personal training and rehabilitation (Physiotherapy/Chiropractics) with the aim of being proactive towards injury rather than reactive.

Emma has been a successful Professional Athlete in multiple fields and she still is a world renowned YachtsWoman racing in the Global Arena.

Responsibilities/Credibilty –
– Always been a watch leader or position of responsibility and decision making team.
– Came from a background of skippering private yachts, for race and charter in Caribbean and Mediterranean (1989-1996, Ocean Yachtmaster 1991, Ocean Sailing Instructor 1999)
Originally back in 1992 one of the only female skippers of private yachts in Caribbean and Mediterranean. Currently I am still one of few girls on the world tour of the Super Yacht and maxi circuit.

Achievements –
• 3 times thru the Southern Ocean in just one year, 4 in total.
• Whitbread Around the World Race 1998(EF Education), Volvo Ocean Race 2001 (Amer Sport), Jules Verne non stop record 1998 (RSA)
• Continue to race in Meditteranean, Caribbean on Super Yachts and Maxis (70-200’)
• Local smaller boat (20-30’) racing in UK

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